Sunday, June 13, 2010

Asparagus & Strawberries

Today we planted 20 Jersey Supreme Hybrid Asparagus in the far back corner of the garden. These were thanks to birthday gifts I received. Matt also got me 25 Honeoye Strawberry plants which were put in next to the asparagus. We won't get to enjoy either this year, but they are an investment in the future. Now all perennial vegetables and fruits are in the ground. I may get 5 more raspberry plants at a later date but we have 5 for now. And we have officially dug every square foot of our garden.

The large masses of green are mostly our potatoes and onions taking off. We took off the windows from the cold frame and I planted broccoli and cabbage seedlings in there. I hope they will be more protected from the slugs. I may place row cover over it to shade some lettuce later this summer.

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