Monday, June 7, 2010

Harvest Monday 6/7/10

This week I've enjoyed running out to the garden to top my salads with fresh radishes. I've been bad about weighing them so my estimate is that I picked 5 oz of radishes.

We harvested 7.5 oz of lettuce this week. I pulled some of the oak leaf that is beginning to turn bitter. We have a lot more out there to harvest this coming week.
I picked the bolting spinach, 1.5 oz and the first swiss chard, 3.5 oz. I never have much success with spinach, but I will try a fall planting this year and see if I can get it to over-winter. We're happy to substitute chard for spinach in most recipes. This chard was started inside and put in the cold frame at the beginning of April. Its a few weeks ahead of the chard that was planted outside the cold frame at the same time and at least a month ahead of the chard I seeded directly in the garden.
Harvests this week: 1 pound 2.5 oz
Harvests this year: 3.5 pounds
You can see what other gardeners are harvesting at Daphne's Dandelions.


Anonymous said...

Your chard looks great! Did you direct seed or start in pots? Mine is still tiny.

My overwintered spinach was a huge success, I will do it every year from now on. The Fedco person I talked with suggested "Olympia" spinach, and it was great.

Window On The Prairie said...

We didn't have a very long lettuce and spinach season. It was cold for so long, then it turned off hot, and everything bolted. But it was good while it lasted.

Emily said...


I started the chard in newspaper pots back at the end of February. I put it in the ground in early April and then when we moved the cold frame in mid-April it got that protection. The cold frame made the difference in helping it take off. A few plants didn't make it inside and they are farther behind.

Dan said...

The chard looks great.

Daphne said...

I like that chard and spinach are so similar. I eat the spinach in the spring and once it starts bolting I usually start to pick the chard. I love that I can keep eating from this family the whole harvest season.

Anonymous said...

I would love some radishes right now. Mine turned hot very early in the year so they had to be pulled out of the garden.