Wednesday, June 23, 2010

June Update: Alliums

Alliums are a short update. Most of them are in Bed 2. From one side of the bed, all you see are my onions. I mulched them last week with grass clippings. This would have been much easier if I had done it when they were smaller, but we were still working out the lawn mowing system then. Some are starting to fall out of the edge of the bed. Next year I won't put them so close to the edge.
I also have leeks that I bought as sets. They all transplanted well. It will be a while before we enjoy those.
My garlic is planted way in the back of the garden. It is not going to be much to speak of this year, but some is better than none. If you remember I found it spouting where the previous owner planted her garlic and transplanted it. Most is only as thick as a pencil. I need to trim the scapes.


Daphne said...

Oh that is a large onion bed. My onion bed is too small since I doubt the harvest would last through the winter. I'm just hoping they are big enough to pick before I sell my house. I want onions for the year. At least some.

Marcia said...

Your soil looks really good.

Some of my onions were falling over so I pushed over the rest or tried to. Something had eaten a couple of the bulbs. I harvest them to dry on Thursday or Friday.