Tuesday, June 22, 2010

June Update: Greens & Root Vegetables

It has been a while since I updated on the various crops I'm growing. Rather than do it all in one long post, I am going to do it by crop family over the next week. First up are my greens and root vegetables. These are in Bed 1 of my garden.
So far succession planting of lettuce has been going well. I've already pulled the first oakleaf lettuce and arugula that began in the cold frame in April. Remaining in the cold frame is later transplants of Freckles Romaine lettuce and some swiss chard.

The bright pink chard is from seeds I saved, the rest is a Rainbow chard mix.Recently I spread out the plants to give them more room to take off. I want more chard because I want to start blanching and freezing it as a spinach substitute for winter. I also seeded some more in the garden.
I have a section of mesculn mix that is going crazy. I planted the seeds a little close and didn't thin drastically enough so the slugs are enjoying the moist environment.
To the left of the mesculn are my first planting of red beets, followed by carrot and italian chicory, both going to seed.

My third planting of lettuce is a red leaf that my sister sent from China. It is ready to be thinned. In front of it is cilantro and recently seeded carrots.

At the end of the bed some white icicle radishes. These alway seem to go to seed before forming a root, but it may be that I plant them in warmer water. I also have my first seeding of carrots and some golden beets.
My plan is to continue to seed lettuce, cilantro, beets and carrots every few weeks for the rest of the summer.


Daphne said...

I usually do successions every couple of weeks too, but not this year. Now I'm starting to run out of lettuce.

Annie's Granny said...

My plan was to start lettuce seedlings every two weeks. I think I'll not start quite so many in the future! I do like starting them in soil blocks or cells, as I can plant them where I need them, rather than sow and thin.

miss m said...

Your space is looking great ! I usually don't grow more than I can eat fresh but I do have a considerable harvest of chard this week. I may just have to freeze some, ha !