Monday, November 29, 2010

Harvest Monday 11/29/10

Last week I got the last pound of tomatoes that ripened from my green tomatoes. They were a little shriveled but worked fine in sauce.
This week I harvested 4 oz leeks, 13 oz of kale( not pictured), and 1 lb 2 oz of golden beets.
We got a bit of lettuce,
and 2 pound 13 oz of brussels sprouts for Thanksgiving dinner.
Our Thanksgiving dinner also included our own mashed potatoes, and pumpkin pie from one of my pie pumpkins. Yum.

Total these past 2 week: 6.06 pounds
Total this year: 459.67 pounds
You can see what other gardeners harvested this week at Daphne's Dandelions.


Robin said...

Your brussel sprouts look great! Mine are still quite small. This was my first year planting them and I'm not sure how long they will survive in the garden.

I think that your idea of making sauce out of the last tomatoes is a good one. We have a small basket of semi-shriveled up tomatoes on the counter...I better get to work!

Marcia said...

And to think I got to enjoy the fruits of your harvest this past week! It was all good!

Shawn Ann said...

I have a few wilty tomatoes on my counter as well! It's nice though! Nice harvest this week!

Madame C said...

That is really nice! I envy your beautiful brussel sprouts! Nice with that much to eat on Thanksgiving from your own garden:)

Veggie PAK said...

Your Brussels sprouts look great! I hope mine mature soon, but I think they are going to be in next year's harvest record. Good thinking with those tomatoes!

Daphne said...

Those Brussels sprouts look so good. I've never succeeded in growing them.

kitsapFG said...

I skipped growing brussel sprouts this year to make room for another item - first time they have not be in the garden in a very long time and I am Jonesing for some good ones! What a treat to enjoy them and other treasures from your garden for the Thanksgiving meal. Something to be truly thankful for - the bounty of your garden!

Barbie said...

Sounds like a wonderful Thanksgiving from your garden!

Gela said...

I love to read about everybodys harvest. Beautiful brussels sprouts. Have a nice week/Gela