Saturday, November 20, 2010

Jean & Corduroy Quilt

When I picked the name for this blog, I choose greens for the gardening and jeans for the crafts because I like to make things out of jeans. It seems like there has been more greens than jeans and in fact, few crafts made of jeans at all. This quilt remedies that.

It's for my cousin Lucy and her husband Keith for their wedding today. It is made re-used corduroy and jean pants. Each square is made from a center of corduroy, surrounded by strips of jeans sewn on log cabin style. When I laid out all the squares, I put the corduroy colors in a diagonal pattern.
I also turned the squares to be facing different directions so not all the short or long sides would be facing the same way. I tied the quilt with a cotton yarn in the middle of each square.
I used the gray corduroy to make a border around the squares and then did another border of strips of jeans. I bound it with a charcoal gray fabric and backed it with a fun green print to brighten it up.
It measures 55" by 73".

One thing I love about jean quilts is the weight they have when you are under them. There is something very comforting about that.
I enjoyed making this quilt and it reminds me a lot of the last one I made with jeans. It also inspires me to maybe make a queen size jean quilt for the bed for winter. It would be a big project but it would be nice and warm. We'll see if I act on that inspiration or not. I still have curtains that need to be sewn.

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful quilt! I love the combination of colors and the shapes! How long did it take you to make it?