Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Braided Rug

Stage 4
Pant (and skirt) count: 11
My braided rug has been sitting neglected since the spring. Finally last week I had the sewing machine out to quickly make a curtain to hang in one of our doorways to block drafts. The curtain was quick work and the sewing machine was out, so I added a few more roll of fabric to my rug and braided them up. As you can see the last two loops are just loosely wrapped around the rug. Now the next step is to get back to sewing the braid onto itself and making the rug bigger. That will wait for another day.


Dan said...

Nice colours and pattern, one of the best looking braided rugs I have seen!

jayne kohn said...

Love your braided rug. I didn't know you could make them from jeans. I have lots of jeans since making 2 quilts-one form Melanie's bunkbed at Dartmouth & a queen for us.
Hope Sarah is enjoying China. Melanie seems to be enjoying Burkina Faso-hope she continues to!
Enjoyed reading your gardening etc. We are having a snow day. DARN IT! Now we will loose Jan 2nd.Yesterday we were allowed to leave with the kids. Our principal said take calling chains home. I said are you expecting a snow day tomorrow? She said this is ND. We haven't had a snow day off for yrs. I can't remember the last one!
Melanie's mom