Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Fall Harvest

Last night we had a very heavy frost. I didn't cover anything so it brought the end to the last jalapeno plant. I picked the very small jalapenos off of it. While I was picking I decided to harvest the carrots that had been planted between the squash. Many of them look like fat baby carrots, though one or two look like more mature carrot size. Not bad for being shaded all summer by the squash. Finally I pulled one of my smaller leeks to cook with the carrots. I think I'll saute the leek in some butter and then add some broth to braise the carrots in.
The garden is looking more and more bare these days. There is just leeks, chard, brussels sprouts, kale, some younger carrots and some late lettuce left.

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Dan said...

My garden is looking pretty bare as well. I was just sitting on the patio the other day wishing I had my July garden back.

If I could only live in the tropic's.....

Come February I would probably even settle for the pacific northwest!