Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Pulling Plants

This evening when we took the compost out and went to check that nothing had blown onto the electric fence during the rain today I decided to pick the last of the green beans. There were no more than 12 left and the plants were no longer blossoming so we pulled them. Pulling the plants will give my mesclun just a bit more sun and help it grow to more of an edible size before it is too cold. I planted bush Romano beans this year and they were good tasting variety. I got two good pickings out of these plants, and this was my second planting of them. I'll plant them again next year, but I'd like to be better about more successive plantings.

We also noticed that one of the brussels sprout plants are significantly smaller than the others and that it was being shaded by the broccoli that I was letting go to seed. So we pulled seed pods of green and will bring them into dry. Now the brussels sprouts will get a little more of the waning fall sunlight.

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