Saturday, October 18, 2008

Frost on Vegetables

Last night we had a beautiful hard frost. The vegetables that remain the garden were delicately iced. I checked on them later after taking these pictures and they are all still alive and green, no damage done by the frost.
Swiss ChardLeeksBrussels Sprouts
Carrots Kale LettuceI also noticed a large hole by my carrots and then looking closer I found this deer foot print a few feet away. It looks as though a deer inadvertently walked through the bed. It doesn't seem as though it stopped to eat anything.


Kitt said...

I'm amazed that you can have deer in your garden that don't chomp it down to nothing!

Nice frosty shots.

Emily said...

I think it just wandered through in the dark. There isn't much left in that bed anyways. It's possible it got shocked by my electric fence, but unlikely because that's around the wood frame of the bed to keep the groundhog out.