Saturday, November 22, 2008

Art Quilting

Today I went to an Art Quilting workshop at the home of one of the ladies in the town where I teach. I didn't know her directly but got invited through the principal of my school. The hostess was trying out an idea of having a workshop on art quilting at her home which might eventually become an event to register for and bring some tourism to the town. It was a varied bunch of ladies from surrounding towns with a variety of skills. The hostess is known for her art quilting pieces and her work has been featured in Quilting Arts Magazine.
We were experimenting with postcard size pieces. The basic idea is that you sew fabric and batting to a stiffener and then begn layering and embellishing. We used sewing machines and a felting machine (which was very cool!). I wasn't thrilled with my first piece and I applied glitter paint to outline my flower, only to realize it would take forever to dry. So there is still one part to be sewn on another day. I started a second piece and enjoyed using the felting machine to add a layer of sheer with lace on it. Next I sewed beads and sequins on and finally gave it a ribbon border. I'm much happier with the second one. Ms. Alford sent us home with some stiffener so I have more to try out another day with my large pile of scraps in the craft room.