Saturday, November 15, 2008

Brussels Sprouts

Tonight we broke down and harvested some of our Brussels Sprouts. The largest is only an inch. I harvested from the lower reaches of the stems of the five plants. The total harvest is only 6 oz. Here are the sprouts after harvest.
And after cleaning them up. Its interesting that the outer leaves have a purplish hue.
And finally, cooked and ready to eat. They were wonderfully flavorful and tender.
We braised as in first recipe I knew for cooking them, and the reason I tried them at all. The recipe comes from Cooking for Engineers and it was an early blog that I read back in 2005. Shortly after I read the recipe, I saw Brussels Sprouts at the farmers market and gave them a try. Ever since I've been sold on them and enjoy them many different ways. I've introduced them to my family and my sister's even said at times that they are her favorite vegetable.

It looks like we should have another small harvest of Brussels Sprouts with dinner in a couple of weeks.


Marcia said...

Yum Emily. I saw brussels sprouts at Super Fresh the other day still attached to the stalk. I almost purchased them but then realized it was too many for the two of us, especially since Daddy doesn't eat many.

Dan said...

The purple sprouts are nice looking. I love brussel sprouts, I used to drown them in cheese sauce but now I am content with just butter. Funny how tastes change. I think the best part is there texture.

I am going to start picking mine soon. The bottom ones are a little over an inch now so they are ready to go. They are much better on the smaller side anyway.