Monday, November 10, 2008

Forgotton Pictures of Fall

These pictures from October have been languishing on the camera for a while and I finally pulled them of and found the best ones.
Here are two of the famous Cornish-Windsor Covered Bridge. The historical marker near it says it is one of the longest covered bridge in the U.S. We took this photo one Sunday in October on the way home from church. We'd decided to take the more scenic route rather than the interstate since the leaves were at peak.
The rest of the photos are a from a walk some afternoon in October. I was struck by the beautiful shapes and textures of the Queen Anne's lace in its variety of forms.
One was even still blooming.


Kitt said...

Scenic route indeed! That's lovely.

Dan said...

Nice covered bridge, you certainly don't see many of them now a days. We have a similar bridge in Guelph, On about 45 minutes from my city although it is not nearly that long. It has been decommissioned for vehicles and is now used as a pedestrian walk way.

Great photos of the queens anne's lace. They are nice to photograph all year round. My mom just took a queens anne's lace shot against a sun rise, here is the link to the photo on her flickr account.