Friday, November 14, 2008

Indoor Garden

My swiss chard indoors seems to be doing well, though not making huge growth. I've densely seeded lettuce seeds around it and we'll see how these leggy seedlings make out.
I also have a pot of cilantro seed (not pictured). I've had cilantro do very well indoors before.

Tonight we harvested the lettuce from my indoor window box. I'd noticed it was getting a bit leggy. We trimmed most of it off and hopefully it will leaf out again. The one odd thing is that the red leaf lettuce has lost its red color. All the lettuce is a pale green. I wonder if that means it is not getting enough light. My window faces south east, and we've had many cloudy days in the past week. Below are the leaves I harvested. You can see the color they had when I planted them indoors in this post.


Dan said...

The culprit of the leaf change is most definitely from reduce lighting. I grow Vancouver centennial geraniums that have a deep red center and a light green edge. When I take cuttings and bring them in they lose all there red color. From now until march the suns intensity is diminished greatly even on a clear day.

The oatmeal bread looks delicious, I will have to try this recipe as well!

Annie's Granny said...

Yes, it is the light (or lack of it) that causes the color change. The same thing happened to mine, but when I set it back outside during a spell of warm weather, it took just one or two days to turn red again!

Kitt said...

Lettuces and chard like cooler temperatures, I think, so maybe being in a warm house stunts them a bit, too.

Emily said...

I'd like to say my house it warm, but we keep it the thermostat around 62. It gets closer to 70 when the radiators come on, but quickly drops back down.

I think the lack of light is probably my problem.