Monday, November 24, 2008

Frozen Garden

With temperatures last week not rising above freezing for much of the week, the garden is pretty well frozen. I'm not sure if these plants are just in cold storage as if they are in the freezer, or if they can still grow in this weather. The leaves are pretty crispy, yet they don't have the signs of damage because of the cold that more tender plants show. Rather they're just very stiff.

This week is very busy with three Thanksgiving meals (Sunday at church, Monday at school, Friday at home in Maryland) and the travel to Maryland. So we won't be harvesting the second bunch of Brussels sprouts until December. Will they grow in the mean time? I'm doubtful. I'll just be happy if they keep until we're ready to eat them.

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Dan said...

With three Thanksgiving you will definitely be very busy.

My garden was very much frozen last week as well. I'm not sure if my broccoli made it through, I don't want to check under the row cover.

I've read that if you have good snow cover or enclose the brussels sprouts in burlap they will make it through the winter. I think I might try this as it would be great to harvest sprouts in early spring.