Monday, February 9, 2009

Green Shalom Cardigan

I finished knitting the Shalom Cardigan for my mom last night. Tonight I added the buttons, wove in ends and blocked it. It took just over a week to make. The Lion Brand Chunky Wool-Ease that I used was stiffer than the yarn I used for the last shalom cardigan. I don't think that subtracts from the sweater though. If you are a knitter, you can see the modifications I made on Ravelry. Tomorrow it will be in the mail on its way to my mom.

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Ruth said...

Good afternoon dear Emily, I enjoyed your web log as always. Congratulations on the sweater completed. Absolutely beautiful!! Reading about your daily activities reminds me so much of my youth...canning,
sewing, embroidery, canning, gardening...

The rosemary crackers look wonderful.
Thanks again Emily for sharing your wonderful jellies and pickles at Christmas. Give Matthew an extra birhtday kiss for me?