Saturday, February 21, 2009

Mauve Yoke Cardigan

I came across this pattern (#22 Garter Yoke Cardigan) while browsing through Ravelry looking for my next sweater. I really wanted to knit something top down because I liked how I could try on my vest as it went and that there was little seaming to do. The pattern was in a magazine called Knit.1 in the winter edition. I couldn't find it at local yarn stores or bookstores so I ended up ordering the magazine from the publisher just for this pattern. Luckily, there are a few other top down yoke sweater I might try in there as well.

I started this sweater on February 8th and worked on it exclusively rather than bouncing between projects. In my better moments with the flu I was able to do some of it as well. I finished knitting it on the 19th and blocked it and sewed on the buttons on the 20th.
I modified the arms some because after knitting the first one, the sleeve was much too baggy around my wrist. I picked up 4 stitches under the arm to close the gaps. I decreased 1 st ever 5th row 4 times until back to original number of stitches. After 6” (at the elbow) began decreasing as follows. K to 3 before marker at line from underarm. SSK, K, slip marker, K, K2tog. K 3 rounds, then repeat decrease. I did nine decrease rounds. Then I knit to finish out the 15 1/2 inches as called for in the pattern, finishing with P 1 row, K 1 row, repeated 4 times.

I finished off the sweater with these beautiful buttons that matched wonderfully. I like this sweater a lot. I think I may make one in another color in the future.


Marcia said...

Lovely sweater. This is the one you wanted to do in another color but only found the mauve yarn. Right?

I think it might look better with a turtleneck or collared shirt.

nicole said...

Did you say you had to buy the magazine from the publisher to get the pattern? Do you mind if I ask how much it cost? I love this sweater - and it would be my first.

Emily said...


I bought it here but when you search for Knit 1 magazines now I don't see that issue showing up. It may have sold out.

It cost 8.99 with shipping, but it looks like other issues cost 8.99 plus shipping.

Good Luck!