Monday, February 2, 2009

Boatneck Sweater Finished!

Thanks to a snow day last Wednesday, I finished my boatneck sweater. I almost thought I wouldn't make it because as I knit the sleeves, I misread the decreases at the top. As I finished the second sleeve, I was glancing over the pattern and realized my mistake. So I had to tear out the tops of both sleeves and do that section again. Sewing the sleeves in was a little intimidating since it was my first time, but they came out fine.
I am very happy with my first full sweater and I wore it to school the next day. These photos are after a day of wear, and it was comfortable and held up well.
I started this sweater back on October 18, 2008. I finished it on January 29, 2009. That's a long time in progress, though in the mean time I knit one scarf, three pairs of socks, one baby sweater, eleven pairs of mitten ornaments, two hats, two felted bowls and one cardigan. I guess it would have gone faster if I could stick to one project. Now I wonder if I can possibly knit another sweater before winter is over.

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Dan said...

You have some serious knitting talent, great job!

Tina Catania said...

ooh, emily, that is a beautiful sweater!! and i love the short sleeve one too that you made for you and your mom... you are so good!