Sunday, February 22, 2009

My So Called Purple Scarf

It was time for a new scarf, the last one I made for myself dates to 2003. I picked this yarn to match my koolhaas hat, though the shades of purple aren't an exact match. Its called Manos Del Uruguay, and I've used it for scarves before. It creates a soft yet dense fabric. It's hand dyed and the solid colors usually have a nice variety of varigation. This yarn was intentionally a varigated purple. I used two skeins and the scarf ended up being 4 inches wide by 80 inches long.
The pattern is called My So Called Scarf. The interesting texture of the scarf is created by slipping stitches and creating new ones on each round. I followed some modifications mentioned by others that made the first row of the pattern easier for me. On the right siae K1, * slip one as if to purl, K1, yarn over, then pass the slipped stitch over the K and yo stitches. Repeat from * until one stitch remains, K1. I also took others advice for finishing the scarf. Some had mentioned trouble binding off but someone suggested working on the wrong side, purling two together, then another two together, then passing the far right stitch over the second stitch to bind off. This worked well for me, creating an even edge.
I'll be wearing it tomorrow in the freshly fallen snow.

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The Conservative Gardener said...

Let's see......Caedmon's Call, hmmm. Derek Webb (ex lead singer & I think back to being lead singer of C.C.) hmmmmm. Andrew must be a Christian! I found you out! A rare find in my homeland of New England. Especialy Vermont. There's still hope! lol. Of course I'm teasing...a little. I'm from Western Mass and stay in Rochester, VT almost every year for a little R&R. I'm not much of a knitter but I love New England stuff (reminds me of home) and I'll be checking out your blog from time to time. Nice photography BTW.