Sunday, April 19, 2009

Garden Update 4/19

The warm and sunny weather we had all last week has done some good. I hope it continues so I can work outside on my vacation this week.

Here's the outdoor round up in the GOOD, SO-SO, and the UGLY format.

Here's the GOOD:
This week's warm weather sprouted radishes. (And peas seem to be close behind. I saw one beginning to peak through the soil today)
A few of last year's onions that never sprouted, or died back wintered over and are making progress. Similarly I have a few small leeks as well.
My garlic is loving the warmth and protection of the row cover as well as the sunny days we've been having.
The SO-SO:
The romaine lettuce is just alright. Not much progress, but not looking bad.

The spinach is putting on new leaves but they are staying small.The UGLY:
My kale looks like this, as does my arugula(it was so bad, I didn't want a photo). I guess didn't harden them off very long. However, they are under row cover. Is it too warm or too cool? I don't know. The inner leaves on both seem to be doing alright so I think they will recover.

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