Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Quince Bush

The quince bush is one of many plants around here that have really enjoyed the five-day heat wave we recently had.

Here are the buds on 4/11,
and 4/18 after the rain,
and on 4/28 in full bloom.

I hope we get lots of quince fruit this year. Quince jelly was the biggest hit of last year's canning season and we'd like to make more this fall.

Also blooming in the yard is the forsythia. It's like a ball of sunshine.


Marcia said...

Looks like you are fully sprung!

Yum! Quince jelly. Looking forward to more of that.

browneyes said...

They also have forsythia here. I learned the Chinese name for it yesterday: "迎春花“ Which means "Welcome Spring Flower." It makes lots of sense since it's the first thing that blooms.