Saturday, April 11, 2009

Transplanting Seedlings 4/11

Today was a busy day in the garden. First we moved the composter back to it's summer-time position. The compost isn't ready yet, but we drained three gallons of compost tea from the base. I'll dilute this with water each time I need to water the garden from now on. Since we put the row cover on the beds, I decided to transplant my freckles lettuce, spinach, kale, and arugula into the garden. I want to see how they'll do under the protection of the row cover and I also needed to free up room under my light. I noticed that the garlic has sprouted up more and is greening up now that the row cover is on. I decided to experimentally sow some carrots, and placed a bottomless milk jug over one quarter of the seeds to see if that will help them sprout faster. Here are my transplants clockwise from top left: Freckles romaine lettuce, spinach, kale, arugula.
Here's a collage of my other seedlings clockwise from top left: my first tomato sprout a Roma,two pink heirloom seedling(seed saved), the first pepper about to peek through, golden beets, bright lights swiss chard.
And here's my volunteer tomato.
Today I planted more tomatoes, though if all my others sprout I won't need them. I'm not confident that all my others will sprout, because I saved some of the seed myself. Today I planted two Campbells Tomatoes (free seeds), and two Fedco Heirloom mix. I decided to try the egg shell potting method since I'm running low on pots. It was hard poking holes in the bottom without breaking the shell, but I figured if they have a crack, at least their supported by the egg carton.
I also seeded German Thyme and Oregano into small yogurt cups. I'm a little late getting these started but I just picked up the seeds at the grocery store today. Now the hard part of being patient for everything to sprout.


Marcia said...

We were wondering what you were doing on Saturday. You were busy.

Dan said...

You always have such cool lettuce. I have a couple speckled ones that grew from my mesclun mix, not sure what kind of lettuce it is yet.

Nice collage photo's. I have throught about trying them a few times. Did you use Picasa?

Emily said...

I really liked the speckled lettuce in my mesclun mix which is why I ordered this freckles romaine.

I used Graphic Converter to do the collage.

Anonymous said...

I still haven't sowed my Campbell's seeds. You'll have to post when you get tomatoes - I'm curious about them!