Saturday, April 18, 2009

Sowing Seeds 4/18

Today I planted:

(4) Pot of Gold Yellow Chard - For some reason mine did not sprout the first two times I planted them. I seeded some for my mom in peat pots and they all sprouted fine. So I'm trying mine again in peat pots

(4) Arugula- My arugula that I transplanted is looking rather sad. This will be my insurance if it fails, or a successive planting otherwise.

(4) Oak Leaf Lettuce

(6) Tatsoi (an Asian green)


Rosemary (I'm rather late on this but I just bought the seeds)

I also started the bottom of a milk jug full of nasturtiums and another jug of marigolds.

Pictures of the garden and indoor seedlings will follow tomorrow.

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Dan said...

I just started tatsoi a week or so ago. I received the seed from Daphne's Dandelions, can't wait to try it.