Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Eggplant Blossom

My first eggplant bloomed this week. It is a Long Purple Eggplant.
Isn't it beautiful!

The scarlet runner beans are quite gorgeous too. These are running along the top of our tomato trellis.
I also planted some by my front door to run up and around the porch but they got a later start. I'm hoping they'll be blooming by the end of the summer.


meemsnyc said...

Our eggplants seemed to have stopped growing. They are maintaining but haven't gotten bigger or developed any blooms at all. Not sure what is going on. Maybe it's the 92 degree weather we are having.

Nourishing Words said...

Beautiful eggplant flower photo! My eggplants are doing great this year; I think they love the heat we've had. I also love the idea of planting the scarlet runner beans right by the front door. I hope you get lots of hummer activity!
- Eleanor

debiclegg said...

I love the flowers on the beans!! Beautiful color!

From HM

Taylor said...

The scarlet runners are gorgeous! I planted some this year but only got three measly plants that haven't done much. I hope they take off- I want some of those red blooms!