Friday, July 30, 2010

This week's garden work

On Tuesday I spent a pleasant and full day in the garden. I spent a lot of time with my potatoes. I was concerned about their foliage, and they have been falling over for weeks.
I did some research to try to figure out if it was late blight, early blight, or something else. I decided it was either early blight or fusarium wilt.
Either way I surely didn't want it to spread to my tomatoes. So I cut back all the foliage and bagged it. I had been filching potatoes from my short row of Iris Cobbler potatoes, so I went ahead and dug the whole row. I also dug up a few of the All Blue and Yukon Gold to see what they potatoes look like. They are a fair size. Here are a few of the All Blue, straight out of the ground.
However, I've read that leaving them in the ground for a few weeks will help them harden up the skin to store better. So I'll be leaving the rest of them in the ground for a bit more.

I went on to check on the tomatoes and found a bit of leaf spot which I cut out, and some possible early blight on the lower inner leaves.
I trimmed out a bunch of the lower foliage to open up the plants some. Next year I'll plant them a bit farther apart. However, all in all they seem to be doing well. I'll continue to keep an eye on them.

I decided it was time to pull my onions. The bed looked like this. They were all flopped over, starting to brown on some of the leaves and I wanted to clear the space to put in some fall crops.
About one fourth of the onions were white and three quarters were yellow.
I lay them out on a tarp in the sun. At night I folded the tarp over them so the dew wouldn't get them wet. I turned them occasionally and left them in the sun for two days. Then we had threat of rain on Wednesday night so my husband and I brought them in and spread them on a sheet in our very warm attic. I'll let them dry there a week or so before bringing them down to trim, weigh, and string before hanging in a cooler place.

Now, the bed looks like this with only leeks left. The far end also has the All Blue potatoes still in the ground where the fork is sticking out. What's green in the front is grass I need to pull :)
I also pulled all my peas, the old broccoli and the asian greens that the slugs prevented me from enjoying.I pulled the lettuce that was bolting, and weeded out the cold frame where I have some more cabbage starting. My early cabbage seems to not be forming heads because of the heat we had. You can see a lot more bare earth in the garden.
Today I planted fall peas and tomorrow I want to put in fall carrots where the onions were. I also want to put in fall greens. I have some kale, tyfon, bok choy, asian green, broccoli (a long shot), and kolhrabi started in cell packs to transplant later too. Its hard to believe I need to be planning for fall when I'm still waiting on all those tomatoes.


Daphne said...

I'm getting some kind of disease in my tomatoes too. I keep cutting out foliage.

Annie's Granny said...

I'm still waiting on my tomatoes, too. Last year I was elbow deep in them, canning as fast as I could. This year I have a few on the windowsill, but barely enough to keep us fed.

miss m said...

Oh wow, check out that bumper crop of onions. Fab !

Tackled my tomato jungle this morning. I spent about an hour tying and cutting back. One plant had some strange spots on it too but I'm thinking it's just that variety. Fingers crossed, anyway.

meemsnyc said...

Sorry about the signs of blight. That is terrible. I love your crop of onions!

Carol said...

HI Emily - I enjoyed reading about your garden. We had a very small one this year - but it hasn't been very successful. Hopefully we'll do better next year. Yours looks wonderful!