Monday, July 19, 2010

Harvest Monday 7/19/10

This week's harvests brought some firsts.The first cherry tomatoes (3 oz),
The first pickling cucumbers (15 oz) with a few radishes, red and golden beets, cherry tomatoes, green onion and cilantro.
The first carrots (3oz) with some lettuce

The zucchini plants are in full swing and I've already given some away. I'm checking daily to try to keep on top of it. So far we've eaten it grilled, and raw in salads. We'll be sauteing it soon and I may be trying zucchini pickles too. So far we've harvested over 2 pounds of golden and green zucchini. One of the plants of golden zucchini seems to be more in the yellow squash vein. You can see the one on the far right here is lighter in color and has a different shape.
We used the ladder to get the rest of the sour cherries off our tree. This is the total harvest, only 4.5 oz. I picked some rhubarb and used some wild blackberries and picked raspberries to make a sauce to go on yogurt or ice cream. At the beginning of the week I picked the last of the broccoli side shoots (4 oz), sugar snap peas (4 oz) ,and 18 oz of lettuce that was bolting.
Also harvested this week but not shown include enough basil to make pesto, and over a pound of swiss chard.

Total this week: 8.6 pounds
Total this year: 31.1 pounds

You can see other gardeners' harvests at Daphne's Dandelions.


Marcia said...

What a harvest! Sounds like you are staying on top of it. No zucchini here but I just now picked an eggplant and more tomatoes.

miss m said...

Fabulous harvest ! So much variety and color. The zukes are just the right size. Modest or not, I say wonderful cherry harvest.

Glad you're looking forward to Purple Calabash. It sure is pretty. I am too !

Stevie from said...

Yummm - looks great! I also made a compote for yogurt, etc - rhubarb strawberry - and froze it. It's nice to have summer flavor in the winter months.

Jeana said...

Very nice harvest. What do you make with your cherries they look so good?

vrtlarica said...

Does the yellow zucchini taste differently from green one?
You have a beautiful and colorful harvest.

Emily said...

I made a sauce with the cherries and some rhubarb and some berries. Earlier this year I picked sour cherries from an orchard and made cherry pie and cherry marmalade. I have an older post about that earlier in July.

The yellow zucchini tastes the same as the green, just adds a little color variety.

Thanks for all the compliemnts

Dan said...

Lots coming in now, very nice! I think I am the only one that can't grow zucchini. Tried twice with this year being the worst.

thyme2garden said...

Emily, congrats on all your firsts! I'm slowly starting to get my "first" vegetables and it's really exciting. You have a really nice variety here!

Dan, I think it's so funny that you can't grow zucchini - I think of you as one of the few garden gurus here who can do anything vegetable gardening related!

meemsnyc said...

That is quite the harvest! Everything is looking great.

Kalena Michele said...

Beautiful harvest! Congrats :)