Saturday, August 9, 2008

Jean Quilt

I have made at least four quilts as wedding presents for friends and in the Spring of 2007 as my wedding approached, I decided I needed to make a lap quilt for two people for my husband-to-be and I. I have a large collection of used jeans and decided to make our quilt out of these. I also chose the jeans because I enjoy the weight the lend to a quilt. I tried to vary the colors of the jeans and piece them together in a well-balanced way to create a variety of lights and darks.

Our quilt is made of 5" jean squares with a 5 inch border of strips that were remainders when I recovered the fabric from the jeans. The quilt ended up being 68 inches by 55 inches because of the number of squares I was able to cut. The quilt is backed and bound with a blue cotton print. I used Warm and Natural Cotton Batting. I tied the quilt with a cotton yarn.
We keep our quilt in our living room on the couch.


Marcia said...

I've always liked that quilt. Maybe one day you'll make one for me.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful quilt! It was good to see you and Matthew in Michigan. Just wish it could have been for a longer time.
I am enjoying reading your blog. You are an amazing gardener - and quilter, too. Love you, Debi

Anonymous said...

I love this idea.. it will be strong, it won't be "precious" since a dog or cat could be on it and jeans material withstands anything. Thanks for the idea.