Sunday, August 24, 2008

Tomatoes & Chard

My slicing tomatoes are ripening well at last. Hopefully we'll be able to pick them by the middle to end of this week. We've been able to harvest more of the paste tomatoes, but not more than three or so at a time. They've gone into salsa with store bought tomatoes, in with patty pan squash, or into sauce but there aren't enough ripe at one time to make anything with by themselves.
The heirloom has a tiny bit of color. We'll see how it ripens this week.

We've been using a lot of swiss chard lately, but I always forget to photograph it before it is chopped up and in the pan. Last night we made an amazing Risotto with Swiss Chard. The week before we made Chard stuffed with Risotto and Mozzarella. I highly recommend both recipes. Here is the chard in the garden. You can see I've cut a lot recently yet it is still producing well.


Marcia said...

Congratulations on your tomatoes. They are looking good. I got a whole bag full from Grandma on Saturday. daddy and I had blts last night. Yum!

Anonymous said...

Your tomatoes look SO yummy! Sounds like you are feeding my son very, very well. Love you lots! Debi