Thursday, August 7, 2008

Rain, Rain, Rain

I didn't post yesterday because I couldn't get out in the rain to take any pictures. I did manage to plant a few more seeds for fall, though it's already a bit late for that. I added some more carrots, radishes, and threw some old purple been seeds in too. We'll see if the beginning of August is too late for these to mature.

In the last two days, we've had another 3 inches of rain. The stream on the other side of the hedge sounds like snowmelt in spring. You'll notice water droplets on almost all the vegetables in the pictures.
The garden is soaked and my spinach seeds don't want to sprout, they're so water logged. Needless to say, my tomatoes aren't ripening either. When I returned from vacation some were a slightly lighter shade of green. Today I discovered that one of the paste variety turning slightly orange.

My winter squash continued to grow while I was gone. However the two smaller pollinated buttercup female blossoms rotted away. It looks like I'll just be getting one buttercup and one delicata.

My Brussels Sprouts are beginning to develop on the stem. These are the 5 plants ones I planted in the spring. I love Brussels Sprouts so much that I've also put in another 5 plants for a later harvest. I can't wait.

Jalapenos are also doing well. I used one in making a salsa verde the other day and it was good and spicy. I can't wait to make fresh red salsa soon.

The Swiss Chard is nice and lush, as is the Kale. I saw a great recipe this week on Mark Bittman's Minimalist Column that I can't wait to try out: Chard Stuffed with Risotto and Mozzarella.

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