Saturday, August 30, 2008


Today's harvest focused on the squash and dill. The winter squash were dying back and they weren't getting any bigger so we decided to have them for dinner. Each plant only produced one. Both are rather small because I crowded the squash and because my soil could have used more improvement this past spring. Here is the delicata off the vine.
And here it is sliced open. The buttercup squash, And the beautiful orange interior. We also cut a few tiny Zucchini (For some reason my plant is only putting out female blossoms right now). I also harvested some of the dill seeds today.
This small section was picked green a few days ago, and the rest should look that way soon.


Eve said...

This is the first year I have raised dill. I love the look and smell of it.

That squash looks good. It is my favorite above ground, veggie.

I loved all your pics but that last picture is georgeous.

Marcia said...

I know that someday you will have a marvelously bigger garden. Consider this year a test of different types of veggies that you will grow in more quantity once you have more space.

Today I'm pulling annuals and thinking about moving more hostas. the question is where will I put them. The deer love them and though they haven't eaten them all summer because of my spraying they are eating them now.

Enjoy your day off tomorrow!