Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Return from Vacation

Despite my fears, my garden survived my week absence on vacation. If fact it did perfectly fine. We had over an inch of rain while I was gone, and I had left the bottle feeders just in case. We returned to find these gigantic zucchini. Last night we used half of one in a Corn and Zucchini Soup. Maybe I'll post the recipe later. We'll have to be creative with the rest and a batch of Zucchini Bread may be in order.
Since it's been so wet, my onions were beginning to show signs of rot. We've been slowly pulling some to use for meals, but today I pulled the rest of them. There are so few and they are tiny so there is no use drying them. We'll use them in our cooking over the next few days.
I also cleaned the two smaller types of garlic. They both show purple lines once the outer paper is pulled off. However, they are different varieties because the slightly larger of the two has 4 large cloves around the center, and the smaller variety has 6-8 small cloves around the center core. Now they're braided together to hang on my kitchen wall. I didn't think the third variety looked sufficiently dry to braid so I'm leaving it to cure another week or so.
Also today I harvested the rest of my Romano Green Beans. They were very large and there were a lot more than I expected (again!). This was the end of the crop so I pulled the plants. I decided not to can these since the Dilly Beans made with these weren't as crunchy as I like them. Instead we'll have them with dinner.

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