Sunday, September 21, 2008

Quince Jelly Again

Since the first batch of quince jelly tasted so good, and because the fruit is free outside our kitchen window, I decided to make a second batch of quince jelly. This time I learned from my previous mistakes. I made the juice on Wednesday night, and then the jelly on Friday night. I cooked the jelly over medium heat, not rushing it like I did last time. We ended up with 4 jars of jelly (and one jar of the foam) because it cooked down significantly more. It took an hour to cook down which is how long most jams and jellies without commercial pectin seem to take to set. The big difference is in the color and clarity of the jelly. It is a deeper red and is not riddled with bubbles and impurities.

Here is a comparison with the new jelly on the left and the last batch on the right.
The sunlight this morning made beautiful oranges and reds coming through the jars as they posed for pictures on the windowsill.

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