Saturday, May 8, 2010

Early May Garden Update

This past week was a beautiful week for early May. We had temperatures in the 70s and no frosts all week. With that weather in the forecast I decided it was time to get my early tomatoes in the ground. On Monday night I planted out 2 Sweet Chelsea Cherry Tomatoes and 2 Green Zebra Tomatoes.
We filled up the walls of water to protect them and they seem to be doing well. You can see I only dug the section of the tomato bed where these needed to get in to the ground. The rest will have to wait.
With the warm sunny days and the good rain showers, the onions are coming right along. I like how they look back-light as the sun sets in the evening.
My peas are sprouting and the cold frame is filling up inside. I have oak leaf lettuce & tatsoi in the first window.

Arugula and more tatsoi under the middle section.

Lacinato Kale, Mache (going to seed), spinach, and swiss chard fill up the last section. The kale will be eventually moved to one of the brassica beds but was put in early when this was the only section dug.
Unfortunately the good weather didn't continue and today was rainy and damp. I did manage to transplant in some herbs a friend shared with me ( lemon thyme, lemon balm, & oregano).


Marcia said...

Your garden is really coming along well. Take a picture of the ramps.

Daphne said...

And then today is cold and windy. They are predicting frost for the next couple of nights. I'm sure your tomatoes will be fine in their little water cloches. I used to use them and they really help with the cold spring temps (but are bad with keeping in moisture).