Friday, May 28, 2010

New Blooms

New flowers are opening up in the yard. This year is all about surprises since it is our first year in the house. These flowers didn't make it in time for Gardener's Bloom Day.
Lupine are one of my favorite flowers. I wanted to pick one to bring in, but they are covered with aphids.
Pretty pink columbine
wondered what colors the irises would be. Here's the first one open. I'll have to wait and see what other colors the previous owner planted.

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Pink Thumb said...

I have this same exact Iris in my garden from 2 owners ago. It must have been in our garden for over 25 years since the previous owner lived here 25 years before she sold it to us. They were so overcrowded that they stopped blooming and so I divided them. Each place I planted a few has exploded to a big ring of Irises (which is great for me so I dont have to buy plants). So I was wondering the name of this iris and after 4 years, I went to the botantical garden in Montreal and saw that it is named "DAUNTLESS". Just thougth I would pass that on to you! goodluck!