Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Potatoes in the Ground

This weekend I got the potatoes in the ground.
I bought 10 pounds of Yukon Gold potatoes and planted a whole row.
I also received some All Blue and Irish Cobbler potatoes as a housewarming gift. I'm very excited about the All Blue because I love colorful potatoes. I planted the seven All Blue at the free end of the onion bed and the five Irish Cobblers by the newly planted raspberries.
I've read conflicting reports as to whether the Yukon Gold are mid or early season potatoes. The Irish Cobblers are early and the All Blue's are late so we should have a good range.

I also dug one of the beds for the Brassicas. The only thing that I put in so far is five Red Acre Cabbage seedlings. Broccoli and Brussels Sprouts seedlings are hardening off and should be joining them later this week.
Here's what the garden looked like by the end of the weekend.
Unfortunately all that green towards the front and behind the first two rows is rapidly growing dandelions I still have to conquer. I have four and a half beds dug, and six and a half to go.


Daphne said...

You are almost half done. I guess the poor dandelions will have to go. My friend that I'm buying a duplex with wanted to make sure we would have dandelions in the lawn. She really loves them just like me. Then again I keep them out of the vegetable garden. But they are welcome to my lawn.

Marcia said...

You've made good progress. Are you still using four square planting methods or back to strict rows?