Monday, May 10, 2010

Harvest Monday 5/10/10

This week we enjoyed our first garden fresh salad. It was wonderful to taste the different flavors of the oak leaf lettuce, tatsoi, arugula, and baby kale. We picked 3.5 oz.
I'm looking forward to many more fresh salads to come. We bought some bagged arugula at the store a week ago for a potluck meal and I think that's the last salad we'll be buying until fall. I hope I can keep up with succession planting the lettuces and greens.

This week I also got a tour of my own garden from the seller of our house. I'd offered to let her divide some of the perennials to take to their new home. It turned out to be a great deal for me because she let me know what all is coming up in the perennial and herb beds. She also mentioned one area in the back that had been her garlic patch. We noticed garlic sprouting that she had missed harvesting. It looked as though she had missed two heads because there were a cluster of sprouts together. So I got out my trowel and dug them up to spread them out. In the process I missed the roots on a few and harvested about 7 green garlic stalks.
About 14 others were separated and planted better spaced out in the vegetable garden. I may have home grown garlic after all this year!


KatieLovesDogs said...

You're so lucky to have your surprise garlic :)

Daphne said...

I had my first salad recently too. With my move however, I'm guessing I may have a dry spell. I wish I had moved a couple of months ago so I could garden in just one garden for the year. It would be so much easier.

miss m said...

Some of my lettuce is getting close to picking and I was thinking the same thing this week.

Great score on the garlic. Nice harvest !

Angela said...

The first salad of the year always taste so good doesn't it?

What a nice surprise, garlic you get to harvest but didn't have to plant.

Anonymous said...

While reading this, I remembered that I saw a cluster of onion or garlic sprouts. I never got to pulling it out. I should do what you did.
I also started harvesting lettuce. It is always a challenge for me to have succession planting all through the year.

Ottawa Gardener said...

The first salad is lovely and I never get tired of it. Nice surprise with the garlic.