Thursday, May 6, 2010

Seed Saving

Here are some plants that I will be saving seeds from this year.

From my cold frame at the old house I transplanted:
One Winterbor kale,

six to ten assorted carrots,
two Chicory or Italian Dandelions,
and five to ten mache plants.

In the new garden I found four red kale that survived the winter after being pushed over and buried under the snow. I don't have any red kale seeds so I'm excited to expand my collection with these.

I have the kale plants at opposite ends of the garden so they don't cross pollinate. I'm looking forward to having more free seeds from these plants!

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KatieLovesDogs said...

I love saving seeds. It makes me feel so thrifty. With my lettuces, I learned an important lesson this year. I let some of my lettuces go to seed and they have been much healthier and have produced more than the seeds that I tried to start inside. I love it when lazy gardening trumps big effort!