Thursday, July 3, 2008

Garden Update

The garden is looking lush and full.
Lettuce with Swissh Chard behind, beets, mesclun, peas.
The peas developing and we'll probably eat some next week.
The zucchini is getting huge!
The mystery plant has yet to bloom, it just continues to send out new shoot after new shoot. It's quite a bush now. I'm no longer sure we're going to get anything out of it.
Broccoli and Brussels Sprouts are doing well!
The first head of broccoli is developing. We've been eating the chard a lot already.

Everything is so green and full. It's hard to believe just two months ago how bare it was. I forgot to include pictures of the tomato plants, but they are doing well also, just blossoming. Zucchini and Buttercup squash have put out their first blossoms. I did some research last night on squash blossom recipes because there will be a lot that won't form fruit. (Squash have male and female blossoms).

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