Monday, July 14, 2008

Mid July

The garden is lush and green, as is the hedge behind and it can be hard to distinguish the two in the photos. Recent harvests include both heads of broccoli, zucchini, sugar snap peas, and lettuce. We left the second head of broccoli a day or two too long and it wasn't quite as tasty as the first. I can't decide if I'm going to let the broccoli plants sprout side shoots, or if I need to pull them and plant more broccoli or Brussels sprouts in their place.

The paste tomatoes are taller than me (though they do have a head start with the raised bed). The smaller jalapeno pepper has fruited first. The larger one looks as though it will have many more blossoms.
The beginning of a jalapeno.
Green tomatoes. I'm not sure of the variety because I got the seedlings from a friend.

I have one huge beet that needs to be pulled, the rest are still small.
I took the photos yesterday, and today I decide to pull the peas. There were just a handful left on the vines and I needed the space to plant for fall. I planted another set of bush beans in their place. I also planted carrots, dill, and beets. I'm a little concerned about how things sprout since they are sometimes or often shaded by larger plants around, especially the beans which are on the other side of the peas.

My buttercup squash is doing well with one vine climbing up the tepee. The first three female blossoms didn't fruit even though I pollinated them with a Q-Tip.
The 4th blossom has set and the squash is developing. Some of the very small female blossoms on another part of the vine have yellowed and look like they will drop instead of blooming. The latest female zucchini blossom seems to have browned instead of blooming. I'm wondering what they need. I fertilized with compost tea today. I hope that will help

I transplanted two of my 4 Brussels Sprouts seedlings. The other two will have to wait until there is more room.
I found today as I planned for fall that I don't have enough space as I'd like and that I planted many things that will take the whole summer. The carrots, beets, and dill made it in, but it was between another set of peas or another set of beans and the beans won out. More lettuce or spinach will have to wait until I pull something else and there is a free square. Right now, every single one is full, even ones under the squash tepee. I planted a few carrots there when the squash were small to see what would happen.

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Rabia said...

Oh, what a lovely garden! I have serious garden-envy now. The only veggies that took off for me this year are the bush beans, but then they thrive on neglect. The lettuce just wilted in the heat, and the carrots and sunflowers just disappeared in the weeds.

There's always next year... I've been telling myself that for four years now. *grin* I think I have more enthusiasm than talent for gardening.