Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Francie Socks

I started this Francie Sock Pattern back at the beginning of April. I'm using It took a month to knit the first sock, but then I took a hiatus to use my #1 size needles to knit Magic Slippers. You can see the magic slippers I made in this post. I was really taken by the patterns that are created on the leg that look like branches and especially the shaping on the foot that is like a tree grown. Unfortunately my short feet meant that I had to end the pattern early to make them the right length. I still like the way the bottom looks.
Also I'm using using Plymouth Happy Feet yarn, and the patterns in the color tend to disguise the patterns in the knitting a bit.

I cast on the second sock about a month ago, but knitting time hasn't presented itself since my attention is mostly on the garden these days. I'm taking the second sock along on our vacation and maybe I'll make some progress while we're in the car. Maybe I'll finish the second sock in time to wear them for fall. I try to avoid wearing socks at all during the summer.

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Anonymous said...

Em, Everything looks wonderful, the food and the garden and of course the crafts. I really want to come see your place, especially aftr all your entries about your garden. You take wonderful pictures too! I think you have found your niche in both gradening, crafting and blogging! xo Julia