Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Garden Clean Up

Sunday I did some clean up in the garden. I pulled the squash vines since we'd harvested the squash the day before. I pulled quite a few of the marigolds. They had gotten large and were shading some of my fall seedlings which need all the sun they can get at this point. I weeded amongst the carrot, lettuce, and brussels sprouts seedlings. And I pulled some very old lettuce that was going to bolt. Here are some updated views of the garden.

Zucchini plant on the left, small seedlings int he middle between the marigolds, kale behind, broccoli going to seed, and brussels sprouts on the right.
Nasturtium, Marigold, minuscule beet seedlings with beans and chard behind, leeks and tomatoes.
Tomatoes finally show some color amongst the leaves. It looks as though I may finally be able to make a fresh sauce from my paste tomatoes this week.
The dill on the opposite corner of the bed is falling over. I already harvested some seeds and it looks like I'll be harvesting more to dry soon.
My second planting of Romano Beans are blooming. It will be a race between the beans developing and the first frost later this month.
Soon I need to start thinking about where I'll be planting my garlic, but I need to wait until some other plants clear out space first.


DP Nguyen said...

Oh wow, your garden look great. The tomatoes are so plentiful and look wonderful. I love the variety of veggies that you have!

Dan said...

That is one of the problems with fall planting is all the neighboring plants shade them out.

I am having the same thought about my zucchini that you have about your beans. I am guessing I am not going to get any zuc's this year but I bet your beans will have enough time to develop.