Sunday, September 28, 2008

Using Green Tomatoes

Some of the tomatoes on the windowsill have ripened and been used in our cooking. But we had some that persisted in remaining green. I did some internet searching for how to cook green tomatoes. I didn't really want to make the traditional fried green tomatoes. I saw a few recipes interesting recipes for green tomato jam and green tomato pies, but I didn't have enough to make either of those recipes. Instead I found one for a green tomato and apple pie.
We made it Saturday night and enjoyed it warm. The recipe includes raisins, tapioca, ginger and cinnamon. We were surprised by how well the green tomatoes kept their firm texture. Eating it cold for breakfast the next day it was just ok. I think we'll warm up the rest of the slices before we eat them.

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Marcia said...

I never thought that tomatoes and apples would go together. What an interesting combination.