Friday, September 5, 2008

Peony Sock Progress

I've made it past the heel on my first of the peony socks. After reading through the Harris Tweed pattern and deciding that I liked the heel I just did on the Francie Socks, I modified the pattern. I made the heel flap *SL1, K1* and the the following row SL1, then purl the rest. After turning the heel, I worked it out so that I not only followed the pattern on the top of the foot, but got it to continue around the sole. I used the decreasing at the sole that the France Sock used to manage my decreases. Now I'm continuing the foot with the pattern all the way around. I didn't want just a plain stockinette stitch on the sole. The colors are a little odd in this photo because of the combination of the sunlight and the flash. I'm actually farther along the foot than this picture shows because I took it earlier this week.

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Anonymous said...

I haven't had time to check blogs much lately, but I am catching up on it. Gorgeous sock! Beautiful tomatoes!
Our tomatoes have died. Our soil is so poor and I just neglected them, in the process of finishing the book this summer.
But I am really enjoying looking at yours. And inspired and challenged to think that, with more care next summer our tomatoes can thrive like yours. Yours are certainly inspiring!
Love you! Debi