Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Frost Warning

Tonight's frost warning prompted me to pick all the tomatoes with any hint of color and bring them in to ripen. I choose too small of a bowl when I went out, so I filled it up and brought it back in and spread them out in this bowl.
I went out again, and filled the bowl half way with tomatoes and then added green beans to the top. I also harvested the first batch of small Romano green beans. They were nice and sweet alongside our dinner.
I also pulled all of my second planting of basil. They never got more than 6 inches tall, partly because they were shaded. I pulled it roots and all and have put them in a vase of water inside. Hopefully they will keep this way for a few days. If I notice them beginning to droop, I'll pull the leaves and freeze them.
We draped a wool blanket over the tomatoes, jalapenos, and large basil. Everything else will have to fend for itself tonight. Lastly, I'll leave you with the cob webs in the barn that reminded me of Charlotte's web. I'm glad these are on the opposite side of where I go in to unplug the electric fence.

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Dan said...

It has felt like fall the last few days. I'm in Southern Ontario and we have not had frost warnings yet but Northern Ontario has. Not such a good sign for my beets & carrots that are about 2" high.

Beautiful cob web. Fall is the best time to take pictures of cob webs. I usually head out into fields, in the early morning when the dew is still on everything. You can then find all kinds of webs across the taller plants with dew drops on them.