Saturday, September 27, 2008

Wild Cucumber Vine

The mystery plant that I nurtured in my garden for a while before I finally identified it as a wild cucumber vine has finished the fruiting process in the hedges. Above are two of the cucumbers.

As they mature, they burst open at the base. At first they are green and moist.
Eventually the fruit dries out and the more net like structure is all that is left. The seeds fall to the ground.
Next year I'll know better than to transplant the volunteer plants that look so much like a squash or cucumber seedling :)


Marcia said...

Do you think they were ever used for anything by native Americans?

Anonymous said...
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Dan said...

Hi Emily, I guess I was way off in thinking your mystery plant was a hops vine. I found a post on Garden Web about people growing this vine as an ornamental, here is the link.

I have this plant growing in the tree lot behind use. Its shaded so it never grows very lush but it does have nice white flowers.