Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Tomatillo Salsa

While we had the canner out last Friday night, we went ahead and made Tomatillo Salsa again. My first attempt was just so-so. I had used red onions which turned the salsa a funny brown color. I also hadn't carefully read the directions on the recipe. I'd been working with tomatoes that you quarter and break down, so I quartered the tomatillos. Unfortunately they didn't break down very much and stayed in these pieces that are a little big for salsa.

So on the second attempt, my husband chopped the tomatillos in the food processor and we did the same for the onions. We used 3 pounds of tomatillos and ended up with 4 pints of salsa. The salsa is a little lemony because I ran out of lime juice and had to make up the difference with lemon juice to keep the acidity right. I'm sure we'll enjoy it just the same.

You'll find the recipe here.


DP Nguyen said...

What an interesting looking salsa. Did it taste all right, even with the strange color?

Dan said...

I grew tomatillo's one year but I don't think I even tried one.

I never even thought of making salsa until I read your posts about salsa. Wish I thought of it when I had a glut of tomatoes. I made the raw sauce with them but still had a good amount left. I'd like to find a salsa recipe with lime in it, I love limes.

Emily said...

This batch of green salsa tasted alright, a little too lemony because we were short on the lime juice. But it will do in the cold of winter and with the way I consume salsa, it may not last that long.