Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Fall Garden

Here are the last set of photos of the garden before frost.
We were able to harvest green beans again this week to put in a curry dish.
Some of the dill seeds are drying on the plant.

The tomatoes are loosing foliage quite rapidly and will soon succumb to frost.
Below is the third of the very large yellow heirloom tomatoes. It will have to finish its ripening inside.
The zucchini plant has a white powdery fungus of some sort.
Even so, we had 4 small zucchini to go into our curry.

The brussels sprouts are coming along, there are larger than marbles now.
The broccoli seeds are developing though I'm not sure when to harvest them. I imagine they need to begin to brown.
The bed where the onions and wild cucumber were growing has been taken over by the nasturtiums (and some grass that I need to cut).
Most of my fall seedlings probably won't amount to anything. The beets seem to be stuck just beyond seed leaves and the same goes for the spinach and radishes. I noticed when I was out in the garden this weekend that the sun does not reach the garden in the morning until after 10 o'clock. This probably is contributing to the slow growth at this point. The lettuce is the exception and seems to be progressing well.
We'll see which plants survive the frost predicted for Thursday night.


Dan said...

If you end up with just a few light frost from now until October, I think you should end up with something from your beets. The radishes should most defiantly produce, they like the cold.

I like your speckled romaine or at least that is what I am guessing it is from the photo. I fell in love with some speckled romaine at the nursery but it was in July so I figured it would just die if I brought it home. It is going on the wish list for next spring!

MovieWatcher said...

Thanks for sharing. I dream of a garden someday (apartment dweller)

DP Nguyen said...

Sorry to hear about your frost, but your harvest looks delicious. Have fun with the currey!