Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Fall Garden Clean Up

Saturday was a beautiful day with 60 degree temperatures perfect weather for cleaning up the garden and preparing it for fall.

We pulled all the tomatoes out, since we had harvested all the tomatoes before the frost on Thursday night. Here are the green and semi-green tomatoes along with the last yellow tomato that are ripening on the window sill.
We pulled the zucchini plant because its leaves were damaged by the frost and we would have only had one or two more little tiny zucchini if we were lucky. We also pulled all the marigolds and nasturtiums since there is no longer need to attract pollinators. I collected and saved seeds from the nasturtiums but the seeds need to dry out before I store them. They have such an interesting wrinkled surface.

We pulled up the basil and one jalapeno. The other jalapeno had a few tiny ones growing and it had been protected from the frost. It's is almost the only thing left in the garden that will need cover when we have frost now. We left in the green beans because they didn't get too damaged by the frost and they are still producing.

We emptied the composter on to the beds, digging it into the soil in the places where we don't have crops still growing. Then we chopped up the pulled plants and put them in the composter to start another batch.

Here's what the garden looks like now.
Still growing: green beans,chard, leeks (they'll be glad for more light now), , jalapeno behind and lettuce and carrots not shown)
Still growing: carrots (which were between three squash plants all summer long)brussels sprout seedlings, kale, broccoli going to seed, brussels sprouts)
A view of the whole garden. It looks barren without all the color added by the marigolds and nasturtiums. It's sad that summer is over, but I am looking forward to harvesting some of the brussels sprouts soon.

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