Monday, September 29, 2008

Planting Garlic

With the garden cleared of summer crops and treated with a layer of compost it is now ready for planting garlic.

I gathered 4 cloves from one of the varieties we grew this year. Unfortunately we ate all the variety we liked the best, the one that had small to medium cloves and purple skin. The variety on the right with purple skin is one we had this year, but the cloves are too big to fit in the garlic press without cutting in half. I bought another variety at the coop from a local farmer. The cloves are still a little big for my liking, but it will do.
I laid out the garlic roughly 6 inches apart. I had 13 cloves so one got stuck in the middle.
I dug down a few inches under each clove and set it in, tapping the soil tight. And that's it. We had an inch and a half of rain over the weekend so I didn't feel the need to water.
While I was out in the garden, I was thinking about how the Swiss Chard has been my best crop. It has constantly produced all summer. I was lamenting how I'll miss it, when an idea struck me. Why not transplant some inside? I had two plants that were later transplants and never quite got enough sun to take off like the rest. Whereas the other plants are so large you can see a beet-like root emerging from the soil, these are still small and tender. I got two pots that held jalapeno plants this summer (the potted jalapenos never amounted to anything) and transplanted them. Here's the yellow one. The other plant is red, but a bit more spindly. I'll put them on the windowsill by the radiator and when we get around to turning on the heat, they will have both warmth and sun. We'll see how it works out.

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Marcia said...

I hope I can plant garlic tomorrow since we're off from school.